EU Sport Link

What we do

EU Sport Link facilitates the link between sports actors in European countries, especially the sports federations, the local authorities for sport and the sports clubs.

Who we are

EU Sport Link is an initiative of the Belgian based Flemish Sports Federation (VSF) and Flemish Institute for Sport Management and Recreation Policy (ISB).  You will find more information (in English) on the activities of VSF and ISB by clicking on the underneath logo’s.

Our main activities

1. Connect - bringing people together and creating encounters

EU Sport Link connects both local and organized sports actors from Flanders and Europe, so that they can learn from each other and collaborate, hereby co-shaping the EU policy on sport and physical activity.

2. Advocacy - spokesperson and representative

Through its advocacy, EU Sport Link ensures that the needs and aspirations of the Flemish local authorities and sports federations are taken into account in the EU-policy and the Flemish EU-policy on sport and physical activity.

3. Knowledge building and information sharing

EU Sport Link is a practice orientated knowledge and formation network on sport and physical activity in the EU-dimension, serving both local and organized sports actors in Flanders, so that they can respond to EU policy, based on acquired knowledge, expertise and competence.

4. Guidance and support

With the help of the EU Sport Link guidance and support, the Flemish local and organized actors on sport and physical activity achieve results in EU opportunities and EU policy making.

Our contact details and
Mob +32 (0) 485 198 343
Tel +32 (0) 9243 12 98 (VSF)
Tel +32 (0) 9780 91 00 (ISB)
August De Boeckstraat 1 - B 3, 9100 Sint-Niklaas